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Sleepy Time

May 16th, 2011

Sleeping newborn wearing cute hat with ears

Sweet Dreams

Photographing a sleeping baby isn’t as easy as it looks. This session took three hours. Babies are ready to sleep when they decide they are ready, not when the photographer and parents decide it’s time. I take great care to make an environment in which the newborn and parents can feel safe and comfortable.  Heaters, sound effects, soft music, and a cozy bed are all necessary elements to create fine newborn photography. What I think is most important though,  is having the right touch. When I hold a baby, they know they are in safe and experienced hands. I have three children of my own. I love getting to soothe an infant and get him or her to relax and fall deeply asleep. Then I can work my magic.

My new friend

July 20th, 2010

Welcome to the world baby Aden! I recently photographed baby Aden then only days old. It got me thinking about the relationships that I make with my clients. Those relationships are the thing that I enjoy most about my career. I get to make new friends every day, hear the stories of their lives and share in some of the important moments. I am looking forward to seeing Aden every few years as he grows up. He  and I both wil feel a sense of comfort and relaxation knowing that at each portrait session that we are going to see an old friend.

Newborn Green Theme

April 12th, 2010

I am really enjoying my time with newborns. This was from a session with newborn twins who weighed about 5 lbs. I think I am addicted to newborns. They are like art objects that move!

Newborn Green Theme: Originally Posted on Flickr by Nelms Photographic Artistry

Asian influence newborn

April 8th, 2010


This is a precious 4 day old who was gracious enough not to poop on any of my stuff! I spent the last two days on a shopping spree collecting baskets and blankets and other beautiful items to photograph newborns on. If you have a baby under 2 weeks the session fee is my gift to you. Come see me!

Asian influence newborn: Originally Posted on Flickr by Nelms Photographic Artistry